Forensic & Biometric Job Openings** March 2010

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Forensic & Biometric Job Openings** March 2010

Post by mstockli » Tue Mar 02, 2010 1:02 pm

***UPDATED MARCH 2010*** Authorized Posting by Six3 Systems Corporate Recruiting

Certified Latent Print Examiners CONUS - OCONUS
Latent Print Examiners CONUS - OCONUS
Forensic Technicians CONUS - OCONUS

Category: Biometrics, Forensics
The premier government contractor for Forensic, Biometric and Military Intelligence solutions, in support of our country’s fight against terrorism, is seeking multiple Latent Print Examiners and Forensic Technicians for employment as civilian contractors supporting US Military activities, both in US (CONUS) and abroad (OCONUS).

LPE’s trained to competency, with recent Latent Print Examiner employment are preferred. CLPE's are encouraged to apply, but certification is not required.

LPE's and Forensic Technicians stationed CONUS will assist in training US Military and government personnel in forensic collection and processing as it relates to the battlefield/wartime environment. This training is instructed by a team of forensic and military subject matter experts at a high speed pace.

LPE's will also assess recovered latent prints for encoding and search, evaluate returned candidate lists and perform very difficult, complex fingerprint examinations and verifications. Forensic techs with ten-print experience and certification are also encouraged to apply.

In addition to forensic experience, any candidates with law enforcement or military experience as well as experience training those types of personnel are encouraged to also apply. Military or ATF weapons intelligence or explosive ordnance disposal knowledge and experience are a plus.

While deployed OCONUS, LPE's and Forensic Technicians perform technical and analytical tasks in the documentation, collection, and processing of latent prints. The work involves a scientific evaluation and comparison in determining the best method of developing, enhancing and preserving latent prints. Compares known and latent prints to determine positive identification or non-identification of the friction ridge detail.

Latent Print Examiner
•Must be a qualified Latent Print Examiner.
•Demonstrated ability to effectively match latent prints to known prints.
•Provided expert testimony in court and/or be IAI certified.
•Proficient in processing porous and non-porous items for latent prints.
•Experience processing evidence with chemicals in a laboratory setting.
•Knowledge of AFIS database entry procedures and FBI ULW preferred.

Forensic Technician
•Demonstrated ability to effectively recognize latent prints of value.
•Proficient in obtaining known inked prints and major case prints
•Proficient in processing porous and non-porous items for latent prints.
•Experience processing evidence with chemicals in a laboratory setting.

All Positions:
•Demonstrate ability to work well in a team environment.
•Travel within the US and abroad as an instructor for our mobile training teams.
•Willing to rotationally deploy OCONUS a minimum of six months to Iraq/Afghanistan.
•Time between deployments can range from 12-24+ months.
•Able to obtain a US Military SECRET or above clearance and US Passport.
•Must be a US Citizen.

Physical Requirements:
•Walk two miles without rest.
•Run one hundred yards at brisk pace.
•Rapidly climb 4 flights of stairs.
•Safely lift/carry objects weighing 75 pounds for 75 feet.
•Drag/pull objects weighing 75 pounds for 75 feet.
•Stand for 8 hours at a time without extended rest.
•Periodic bending and reaching.
•Ability to operate in extreme temperatures for extended periods of time.

Benefits: Excellent benefit package for CONUS and OCONUS employment.

Salary: DOE
•Top salary in the industry for CONUS.
•Top hourly wage paid while OCONUS (includes pay differential).

•Clarksburg, WV
•Charlottesville, VA
•Iraq; Afghanistan

We invite you to put your talents to work by joining a growing team of dynamic professionals at Six3 Systems Company!
Be part of a culture at our leading edge company where you can achieve great things while fostering a satisfying and rewarding career.
Please contact Senior Recruiter, Justine Lacey at

Justine Lacey
Senior Corporate Recruiter
Six3 Systems
1180 Seminole Trail, Suite 145, Box 9
Charlottesville, VA 22901-5739
Direct: 434.872.0246 ext. 425
Fax: 434.872.0247

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Re: Forensic & Biometric Job Openings** March 2010

Post by fingerprint » Sat Apr 09, 2011 2:38 pm

This looks like an interesting opportunity. For the military positions, do you like to pull people straight from the military sciences? Would love to take a look at this opportunity of it ever arises again. My final question when applying for this job would be if anybody here has gotten help with their resume if they feel like they really want the job but might be just a bit unqualified. For example, has anybody ever used resumeservices? This sounds like an incredible opportunity.
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Re: Forensic & Biometric Job Openings** March 2010

Post by garywood702 » Mon Apr 11, 2011 6:11 pm


It is a great opportunity! I have worked for Six 3 twice now when they were HSA. Prior military experience is helpful but not necessary. Anyone with a fair amount of experience conducting fingerprint comparisons and considerable experience in processing various substrates for latent fingerprints, collection of trace and DNA (not necessarily in that order) would do well in this mission. It is a very worthwhile mission and provides critical support to the warfighter and enhances national security while giving one a sense of accomplishment on a level that few people ever experience. That said, it is not a mission for everyone... it takes a special kind of person to leave their families and loved one's behind and work and live in a war zone for an extended period of time. Great bunch of folks at Six3 and I miss them dearly! Perhaps I will have the good fortune to work with them again in the future. If you want to discuss this further shoot me an e-mail at;

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