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Monday, September 7, 2009

The purpose of the Detail is to help keep you informed of the current state of affairs in the latent print community, to provide an avenue to circulate original fingerprint-related articles, and to announce important events as they happen in our field.
Breaking NEWz you can UzE...

by Stephanie Potter

Stone Harbor Police Arrest Burglar
Cape May County Herald 08-27-09
Stone Harbor Detectives responded and recovered fingerprints from the scene. Fingerprints were later submitted to state police Automated Fingerprint ...

Sticky tape print traps drugs man
BBC News 08-28-09
His fingerprints were later matched to ones found on sticky tape used to wrap heroin in Glasgow. Hughes admitted being concerned in the supply of heroin. ...

Court rules new evidence will be heard in Polk County murder 08-29-09
The major piece of new evidence, revealed in a St. Petersburg Times investigative report two years ago, is a set of fingerprints found in the car of the ...

Escapee ditched stolen truck in Hays County
San Marcos Daily Record 09-03-09
Opiela said the truck was impounded, and later checked for fingerprints by the DPS. “They found the Burnet County guy's fingerprints,” he said. ...

$145K settlement: Botched fingerprints put innocent man in jail ...
New York Daily News 09-03-09
This is a screwup; this is not his fingerprints,'" said Detective Daniel Perruzza, according to a court transcript. "It looks similar, but 'similar' doesn't ...

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Updated the Detail Archives

Last week

We looked at fingerprint related news.


This week

Rich Reneau helps us remember that we probably don't laugh at ourselves enough. We need articles of your good stories, etc. for others within our discipline - we are all human and subject the same events, emotions and issues that everyone else is.  We are ordinary people, trying to do an extraordinary job!



By Richard Reneau, CLPE


I was heading out the door of the office one evening after 10 hours on the bench (I gotta get a better union), when an officer stopped me. He appeared to be sweating and had the outward signs of an Adrenalin rush. I asked our hero what he needed. About all he could manage was, "The guy ran from me" as he handed me a latent lift.


Noticing his frustration, I told him to come in and I would help him, if I could. He related the following:


Four officers were involved in a car stop -- two of ours and two brand-spanking-new field agents from the FBI. The field agents needed to be signed off on the proper technique for BOOKING an arrestee. Apparently, they have two years to complete all of the training things and this was one of them -- "observe the BOOKING process." The following happened -- somewhat. The officers had a detention situation with a car stop, three subjects were involved, two females and one male. As our hero was questioning the male subject, the FBI agent shifted position around the car. Our hero sensing that there maybe something that he didn't see, also shifted position. The male subject probably though that the interview was over, or he wouldn't have run from our hero.  As the male subject reached a fence and started over our hero was right on his heels and caught a piece of his shirt. Knowing that the piece he caught was not going to be enough to pull the subject back, he turned to see how close the other two FBI agent were to his position. Much to his surprise, they were still at the car -- in "stunned observation of the booking mode." It was unclear at the time whether the FBI agents were stunned at the fact that someone would run from the FBI or that someone as big as our hero would give chase. The male subject, however, got away. On his way back to the car he heard the cheers from his team mates, "Dude, you almost had him." I was thinking at this point that the encouragement from his team mates probably did not help our hero in his self-induced adrenalin state . It was unclear at this point whether being pissed-off, or the humiliation of the subject running and getting away was the reason for processing the car for prints.  But the two other female subjects were not talking -- further encouraging our hero to invoke the CSI trump card. This must have been very scary to the two female subjects and the still stunned FBI. This was not going to be an “awe-just-let-him-go” situation for our hero.


As the story was being related to me and our hero was debriefing and decompressing, I was searching the fingerprint evidence the first database yielding results - the subject, the driver, was identified. In about an hour our hero left with a photo in hand, verbal results from me, an existing warrant for $10,000 confirmed, a look of satisfaction and what appeared to me as a much needed reprieve from the previous activity. 


It is only a guess on my part, but 3:00am the next morning probably came pretty early for the Male subject, who decided to run.


Hit number #101 from 2007. Case complete, recorded, report written and cleared for the next incoming case.  


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Until next Monday morning, don't work too hard or too little.

Have a GREAT week!

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