All the books in the bookstore are for sale.  Condition is listed on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being poor and 10 being like new.  Orders are filled on a first come first serve basis based on when I receive your e-mail request with the book number you want.  FIRST E-MAIL GET'S IT!!  (The book number is at the end of each listing.)   I have to be completely consistent with this rule to insure fairness to all.  HOWEVER, an e-mail with a book number MUST be considered binding in order for this to work.  You e-mail me a book number, you have given your word.  I'm sure you would expect the same from other buyers, and I know this won't be a problem.   When I receive an e-mail, I mark the book "Sold" on the site which resides on my laptop, and the next time I publish the site, the information is updated on the internet.  There may be some lag-time between the update on my hard-drive and the update on the internet.  Although unlikely, a book may not be available that is not marked sold. 

Payment is expected within 10 days.   When payment is received and the transaction is complete, the listing is removed from the site.

If a book is not available, I'm probably trying to locate a copy.  TONS of online bookstores are searched weekly for CLPEX.  If you know of a fingerprint-related book which is not even listed on my site, drop me an e-mail and I will add it.  If you want a title that is shown as "not available," send me a note and I will try to locate a copy for you.  If you have books you are interested in selling, drop me a note; we'll see what we can do. 

This is a passion of mine, not a business.  These prices represent what it would take for me to obtain and have shipped a book of like condition and like edition to replenish my collection, if it is even available.  As you will see, I pride myself on QUALITY books, not cheap books.  Many of these books are not currently available in the excellent condition I have obtained.  There is a TON of junk on the internet to weed through, but the cream of the crop lands at  Prices are in a constant state of flux, and represent current supply and demand of each particular title and it's condition.  I reserve the right to update pricing according to these factors at any time necessary, prior to sale.

CONDITION GUARANTEED!!  I have weeded through the garbage to bring you only the finest, or the hardest to find.  There should be absolutely no problem with my description versus what you receive.  If for some reason you are not happy with your purchase; send it back!  I'll refund everything, including your shipping.  As I said, this is a passion, not a sales pitch.  I just enjoy finding loving homes for these gems.

All prices include shipping.  Discounts may be available for additional purchases in the same order... e-mail me on an order-by-order basis for these discounts.  I don't have e-commerce capabilities with secure servers and merchant accounts.  Payments may be made with good ole' fashion cash or check through the mail.   Send to: Kasey Wertheim, 242 W. Philadelphia Ave, Bridgeport, WV 26330.   I provide a detailed receipt with your purchase.  

My main goal is to get fingerprint books FROM bookstores TO latent print examiners who will appreciate and take care of them.  If you are a latent print examiner, I encourage you to build your own library, own a piece of our history, and enjoy some of these neat accounts of the early days of our science.   If you are interested in listing a book on this site, drop me a note and we'll discuss some options.  Have you read enough fine print yet?  LET'S GO SHOPPING!!!!