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This 40-hour course combines detailed lecture on the scientific bases for friction ridge identification with intense practical exercises emphasizing correct comparison techniques.  Lecture topics include the philosophy and "ACE-V" methodology of comparing and identifying latent prints.  Emphasis is placed on the relation of ACE-V to the scientific method.  Students are equipped to explain the reasons behind the fundamental principles of permanence and individuality through a special emphasis on the most thorough and up-to-date information on human embryological friction ridge formation and friction ridge skin structure. Training is also given in the recognition of ridge pattern "clues" in fingerprints and palm prints to help students “orient” the print; identify which area of skin made a particular latent impression. Related topics include an introduction to “Daubert” issues, the recent US v. Plaza ruling, 'tough' identifications and 'close' non-identifications, permanent intentional fingerprint mutilation and non-friction ridge skin print comparison and identification. 

"I found this class to be the apex of my training in [16 years of] 
fingerprint work.  I have had about 360 hours of training in 
fingerprints before this class." 
Dennis Murphy, Cedar Rapids P.D. 

Comparison exercises using real inked prints and latent lifts reinforce the lectures. Students do not automatically work on the same exercises. Each student is evaluated and assigned personal exercises that are challenging, but achievable. Individual attention is given during the exercise periods, which comprise almost half of the course hours. It is an ideal class, even for senior examiners who desire to increase their speed and accuracy in doing latent print comparisons.   

"The class was excellent.  I felt I learned a lot that I can take 
back with me and prepare myself to take the certification exam."  

Shirley Garcia, New Mexico DPS Crime Laboratory

This training is also valuable for AFIS technicians who lack traditional latent print comparison training or experience. Students learn how to evaluate friction ridge features ignored by AFIS and how to use those features in searching inked prints and making identifications.  

"I have worked in 'inked prints' for three years with no latent
experience.  What I learned in this class has been [extremely]
valuable.  I was able to use the info Kasey gave and starting with level one, I was able to make ID's up to level 15!"
Stephanie Souza



This is an intermediate level class. Although every effort will be made to accommodate persons new to the field, some foundation in latent print matters is strongly recommended prior to taking the class. Students are expected to be familiar with fingerprint terminology and should also be doing some latent print comparisons on the job. Each student must bring their latent print comparison magnifier(s), ridge counters, and a desk lamp (if necessary) to class with them.


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